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Multifunctional All Year Round

The Berglady is a robust evolution of the Lady to make the machine more multifunctional all year round. With its stronger and revised chassis, the Berglady is characterized above all as an all-rounder. By attaching harvesting ladders and/or the platform, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks throughout the year.

Enhanced Stability and Force

The Berglady has a longer wheelbase and wider tracks, which makes the machine more stable on steep terrain. The more powerful engines, multiple reduction gearbox options and the 48V system allow the machine to work on gradients of up to 40%. The battery system has been configured to recover energy on slopes and thus optimize autonomy.

Genius transformation

Probably the machine's greatest innovation. Within a few minutes, the simple harvesting trolley can be converted into a 2-man platform vehicle. This makes it possible to carry out (almost) all the work required throughout the year with the same machine.

Increased harvesting options

Harvesting versatility can be increased by attaching harvesting ladders. This allows workers to reach the slightly higher areas of the trees, which range from 2.30m to 3.50m depending on the version and slope. In addition, the ladders can be adapted to the respective row width, which can vary between 2.60m-3.50m.

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The Berglady can be used for gradients of up to 40%.
By purchasing a platform in addition to the Berglady, one can work with the machine all year round. This allows users to harvest, prune, tie, thin out by hand and eventually open/close the hail net.
The Berglady should generally be used when orchards have a slope of 20% or more. In addition, the machine should also be used by those who want to use either the platform or ladders on their machine, as the Berglady gives the machine more stability.
While the Lady is a machine designed to be used as a box transporter, the Berglady can be seen more as an all-rounder with many more possible uses - especially in combination with the platform or the harvesting ladders. The Landlady, on the other hand, is a strong and simple, pure work platform for year-round use, but not suitable for harvesting.
You should be able to work with the machine (standard battery) for at least 1 day, except in absolutely exceptional cases (quick hail net work). Normally, you take the battery home with you, charge it during the night and start again fully the next day.
If someone drives a lot of inclines in their orchards and also uses the platform or the harvesting ladders a lot and therefore 2 people work with them, it can make sense to increase the battery capacity. We have various options for this. In this case, please contact us.

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