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More efficient harvesting

Specifically designed for harvesting in the lower tree area, the Lady enables faster, gentler and more comfortable harvesting. The machine has a built-in automatic mode that allows workers to be accompanied at a selectable speed and distance so that they can devote 100% of their time to harvesting. This makes it possible to carry out several picking cycles and thus increase also color quality without losing work efficiency.

Personalized battery power

The battery capacity can be selected without you having to worry. The standard battery offers an autonomy of at least 1 day of apple harvesting, ensuring uninterrupted power supply up to an area of 4,000 m2 (1,300 linear meters). With the additional battery, the autonomy can easily be doubled. If you have other requirements in your orchard, contact us and we will take care of it. We have enough options to satisfy you. 

Improved Health

Our trolley makes work easier by doing the heavy lifting so that workers don't have to carry large bags around. In addition, the workers no longer have to walk long distances just to unload their bags, as they always work next to the machine. And the result? More rested and healthier workers and greater efficiency for the grower. Doesn't sound too bad.

Emission-free and quiet

The all-electric powered trolley does not harm the workers or the environment. On the contrary: Workers can breathe fresh tree air and won't hear any disturbing noises from the machine. This allows you to fully connect with nature and completely identify with the work. Modern meditation :)

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For all those who want a purely electric box transporter as a harvesting support. For a gentler, more efficient and more comfortable harvest.
The lady can simultaneously carry 2 empty boxes (in front of the machine) and one box that can be filled.
While the Lady is a machine designed to be used as a box transporter, the Berglady can be seen more as an all-rounder with many more possible uses - especially in combination with the platform or the harvesting ladders. The Landlady, on the other hand, is a strong and simple, pure work platform for year-round use, but not suitable for harvesting.
You should be able to work with the machine (standard battery) for at least 1 day, except in absolutely exceptional cases (quick hail net work). Normally, you take the battery home with you, charge it during the night and start again fully the next day.

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