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Cost-effective harvesting with ladders

Practical and cost-effective solution with our special harvesting ladders. For efficient harvesting at medium tree height, designed for up to 4 people (2 at the top + 2 at the bottom).

Harvesting with slope compensation

Our harvesting ladders can also be used in difficult terrain thanks to the existing slope compensation. This solution is particularly advantageous for several picking cycles (quality increase).

Relief for the lifting platform

The lifting platform, whose capacity is often exhausted, can be relieved by using our harvesting ladders in medium to high tree areas.

Standard and premium version

Two different versions have been created so that the harvesting ladders can be ideally used in your orchards, the dimensions of which can be adapted as shown below. .


Standing height: 0.90m

Tree height-reach: 1.80m-2.80m

Tree width/row width: 2.70m-3.40m


Standing height: 1.10m

Tree height-reach: 2.00m-3.00m

Tree width/row width: 2.70m-3.40m

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Very simple: insert the base of the ladders into the sides of the machine's plate and fix them at the points indicated using the screws provided. Vuolà in 5 minutes you have assembled your ladders.
There are 2 possibilities: Either the person picking at the top passes the small box down a step, while the person picking at the bottom takes the box from them and then empties it into the large box. If the person at the top wants to empty the box themselves, they can take the small box, walk down the ladder and empty the small box directly into the large box.

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