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Economical Platform Vehicle

The Landlady is an economical platform vehicle designed with simplicity, practicality, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Our aim was to create a solution that is emission-free and silent to move, yet remarkably stable and safe. The Landlady is proof that there can still be a balance between price and performance.


The machine, newly launched in 2024, weighs just around 300 kg. This remarkable feature not only makes transportation easier, but also ensures minimal impact on the soil in the field. The low weight also creates the foundation for a long reach. In addition to the standard features of a high-quality working platform - stable, reliable and safe - the Landlady therefore also offers a high degree of autonomy, which ultimately makes the Landlady exceptional.

Wider and longer wheelbase

The even wider and longer wheelbase ensures that 2 people can work easily, comfortably and remarkably safely on the machine. As there is no slope compensation, the machine is ideal for flat terrain up to approx. 10%. This makes the Landlady an interesting choice for anyone who wants to carry out a wide variety of work (cutting, binding, thinning, opening/closing hail nets) on relatively flat terrain all year round.

Fixed Standing Height 

The fixed standing height of 1.30 m allows you to work in tree areas between 1.50 m and 3.30 m without compromising safety and comfort and ensures low maintenance costs in the long term. Minor changes to the stand height are possible after consultation with us.

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The Landlady is the right choice if one prefers a simple, economical platform machine that can be used all year round for various tasks. Harvesting should not be the priority when choosing the Landlady. Then it's really convenient, because there's no need to change or modify anything, as the platform is fixed to the machine and cannot be removed.
You should be able to work with the machine (standard battery) for at least 1 day, except in absolutely exceptional cases (quick hail net work). Normally, you take the battery home with you, charge it during the night and start again fully the next day.
While the Lady is a machine designed to be used as a box transporter, the Berglady can be seen more as an all-rounder with many more possible uses - especially in combination with the platform or the harvesting ladders. The Landlady, on the other hand, is a strong and simple, pure work platform for year-round use, but not suitable for harvesting.

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