The Beginning

Michael Lanpacher (second from the right) was a farmer himself for over 30 years and enjoyed working in the fields with his two sons Johannes and Stephan. He was constantly looking for innovative solutions to make work in the fields easier. Over time, Michael recognized some areas in which the apple growers were unnecessarily losing time, quality and energy.

Lady's birth

As Michael had previously worked in the automotive sector and had prepared racing cars himself, he had a certain amount of technical knowledge. After five years of continuous development, Michael succeeded in developing an all-electric harvesting trolley that not only made the work of many people easier and faster, but also improved the quality of the apples. Frucotec was born.

Unexpected growth

Based on a series of fundamental concepts that can be described as practical, innovative and simplistic, the machine was initially only tested and used by Michael's close farming friends. However, it quickly became known throughout the country and, over time, beyond the Italian borders. Gradually, more and more customers found their way to Frucotec, so that today over 1,000 Lady's are in use in various orchards.

Family reunited

Michael now realized more and more that his passion was the development and innovation of new machines. With his now grown-up sons Stephan and Johannes joining the company, Michael was now able to focus more and more on his passion. Johannes, with his practical experience in fruit growing, and Stephan, with his Master's degree in "Management of Innovation", complete the balanced profile of the family business.

Boundless innovation

In 2023 and 2024, Frucotec launched the newly developed machines Berglady and Landlady. Both machines are based on the same principles as the Lady, but fulfill different functions. In addition, further ideas are already in the pipeline to offer customers even more value. The team feels ready to take on new challenges to create sustainable and profitable agriculture around the world.