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While the Lady is a machine designed to be used as a box transporter, the Berglady can be seen more as an all-rounder with many more possible uses - especially in combination with the platform or the harvesting ladders. The Landlady, on the other hand, is a strong and simple, pure work platform for year-round use, but not suitable for harvesting.

For all those who want a purely electric box transporter as a harvesting support. For a gentler, more efficient and more comfortable harvest.

The Berglady should generally be used when orchards have a slope of 20% or more. In addition, the machine should also be used by those who want to use either the platform or ladders on their machine, as the Berglady gives the machine more stability.

The Landlady is the right choice if one prefers a simple, economical platform machine that can be used all year round for various tasks. Harvesting should not be the priority when choosing the Landlady. Then it's really convenient, because there's no need to change or modify anything, as the platform is fixed to the machine and cannot be removed.

You should be able to work with the machine (standard battery) for at least 1 day, except in absolutely exceptional cases (quick hail net work). Normally, you take the battery home with you, charge it during the night and start again fully the next day.

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